Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Business Owners

On Monday evening, Pima County had its first death related to COVID-19, and the third death in Arizona thus far. As the number of cases and deaths continue to increase in Arizona and throughout the world, State and Federal governments are taking steps to ensure that Americans are adapting to the current environment and practicing social distancing.

On Monday, Gov. Doug Ducey issued an executive order identifying the businesses which are deemed “essential services” and should continue operations in the event he eventually issues a “stay at home” order. While Arizona has yet to join the states which have issued “shelter in place” orders, Gov. Ducey’s proactive step is an effort to ensure continuity of operations that support the community’s efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus.

“Essential Services” include*, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Healthcare Operations (hospitals, medical/dental offices, pharmacies, and not fitness centers/gyms);
  • Human Services (adult/senior/mental healthcare, home-based and residential care, daycare for children of essential service employees);
  • Essential Infrastructure Operations (construction, utility services, telecommunication systems, etc.);
  • Essential Governmental Functions (law enforcement, court personnel, etc.);
  • Charitable/Social Service Organizations (food banks, shelters, etc.);
  • Transportation Services (airports, buses, taxi, rideshare companies);
  • Outdoor Recreation (parks, golf courses, etc.)
  • Media Organizations;
  • Suppliers (grocery stores, hardware stores, gas stations;
  • Banks & Financial Institutions;
  • Restaurants (take out, drive-thru and delivery ONLY);
  • Critical Trades (i.e. plumbers, electricians, cleaning, security services, etc.); and
  • Professional Services (law, accounting, and real estate firms).

*the above list is not exhaustive – to review Gov. Ducey’s full executive order, click here

Boreale Law strives to keep you updated on this quickly evolving landscape. We are proud to be listed as an essential business and have already answered dozens of calls and emails to guide our clients through this turbulent time.

If you have questions about this or other matters, please call (520) 334-2069 to speak with us today!

Tax Day is now July 15

The Arizona Department of Revenue joined the U.S. Treasury in announcing that Arizona taxpayers will have an additional 3 months to file their state tax returns, without interest or penalties, effectively moving the state Tax Day from April 15 to July 15.

Remote Work Policies

You have spent significant time, energy and resources to grow your career and business into what it is today, but because of the coronavirus you are suddenly left with difficult choices and an uncertain future.

In an effort to reverse this current economic trend related to the coronavirus, President Trump considers reopening the economy in an effort to “not let the cure be worse than the problem itself.” Even if the economy does reopen, business practices may have changed for the foreseeable future.

In an effort to practice social distancing, many businesses have made significant changes to their remote work policies and have limited the number of customers and deliveries to their offices and facilities.

Boreale Law is here to help review your remote work policies and advise on workplace best practices!

Boreale Law is here to help!

In response to the ongoing developments related to COVID-19, our attorneys are rapidly fielding questions from clients related to employment, leases, breach of contract, estate planning, and many more topics related to business, legal, and operational issues.

Clients are seeking real-time insight on what to do as the pandemic escalates, and we are closely following national and state developments to help clients navigate this ever-changing situation with practical guidance.

Our office is open, and we remain available to client by phone, email, and video conferencing. Contact us today and let us be your resource!



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