Business Growth in a Regulatory Environment

Posted on Sep 4, 2016 | Comments Off on Business Growth in a Regulatory Environment

In years past, the fabric of our society was woven with wonderful success stories of entrepreneurs who embodied the American Dream. Starting a business from the ground up is the epitome of this pursuit. There are countless examples of pioneers who took out their life savings and risked everything to venture out on their own with little more than an idea. America saw the Wright Brothers as they defied gravity at the beginning of the 20th century. We marveled at Thomas Edison, who created many of the inventions that we enjoy today. Much later we saw a new breed of entrepreneurs, such as Steve Jobs and a host of other technological founders, propel America into the forefront of the internet age. These entrepreneurs all had one thing in common — a deep appreciation for the benefits of hard work, the spirit to succeed, and a social and business environment in which success could take place.

Much of this nearly endless opportunity stems from our historically capitalist system, along with few government regulations preventing entrepreneurs from getting their businesses off of the ground. Every large corporation you see today was once a small business.  Unfortunately, countless government regulations have created complex hurdles for would-be business owners, so far fewer entrepreneurs are willing to take the plunge.  Even after starting a business, all too often, the new business owner is caught in a web of bureaucratic regulations that stifles not only the ability, but even the will to follow in the footsteps of the American entrepreneurs who we hold in such high regard.

To be certain, some measure of governmental regulations are necessary for the common good. No one wants unsafe drugs on our shelves, asbestos in the walls of our homes, or glass in our vehicles that break into shards in the event of an accident. However, the common sense regulations that do, indeed, help us as a nation are eclipsed by a host of regulations doing seemingly little, but to keep bureaucrats in Washington or state capitals occupied. For instance, the small business owner of today hiring an employee is faced with a number of rules and regulations dictating the nature of the employment relationship, with stiff penalties for non-compliance. Many times business owners choose to stay small rather than deal with additional regulations.

There is hope, however.  It is possible to create and grow a successful business — provided we know the rules, understand the procedures, and avoid common pitfalls.  This is where Boreale Law, PLC can help. We focus on working with entrepreneurs and business owners, with the goal of helping them navigate the roadblocks set up by governmental agencies. A trusted legal advisor is a valuable asset for those who dare to venture out and seek the American Dream.  Boreale Law, PLC — Your Partner in Smart Business Growth!